As Morgan Seghezzi begins her senior year, she is excited to continue her love for English through writing for the Scituation. As a first-year staff writer, Seghezzi hopes this class will confirm her aspiration to become a journalist in the future. Without a doubt, Seghezzi is a well-rounded student in and out of the classroom. As a senior at SHS, she balances her academic interests in English with advanced placement art and now journalism. Along with her school schedule, Seghezzi is just as busy at home. Seghezzi works at Little Steps Learning Center and Daycare every weekday -- sometimes helping out SCTV afterward. She works at Scituate Recreation Department during the summer and babysits her neighbors when she is available. Seghezzi hopes to write compelling stories for The Scituation to further her skills as a writer and one day become a travel journalist. She is interested in majoring in journalism at UMass Amherst and later traveling to places like Greece, Ireland, and Russia. She would enjoy writing stories about topics that affect the world. Seghezzi would love to find a way to incorporate photography into her work abroad. This past summer, Seghezzi spent two weeks traveling to Germany and France. While traveling, she flooded her camera roll with pictures of landscapes, dogs, and people. Seghezzi spends a lot of her time thrifting for vintage items. While in Berlin, she collected a plethora of vintage pieces to add to her closet. After college, Seghezzi wants to live in an apartment in Boston. By then, she hopes to have rescued two dogs to live with her. Seghezzi would love to have a house near the beach when she starts a family. In her free time, she enjoys dancing and driving around with her friends while listening to music with the windows down. Seghezzi has been to many concerts, including Post Malone, Kendrick Lamar, and Drake; she hopes to add to this list. She is thrilled to start her first year in journalism and hopes to bring captivating stories to the table!

Morgan Seghezzi, Staff Writer

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