Matt DiPesa
Matt Dipesa, a member of the class of 2018 is returning for his second year as part of The Scituation team. Formerly he was the paper's news editor and now he is one of the three editors in chief for the school’s paper. Matt is interested in pursuing a future in journalism. Matt, a Minot resident, is a talented interviewer who loves to write and feels a passion for the trade. He has interviewed many important people in the Scituate community for his articles. A highlight interview being Mr. McCarthy, the former superintendent of Scituate Public Schools.

Matt’s favorite subjects at Scituate High are history and English. He loves his AP Government and AP Literature classes. While he hasn’t quite decided where he’ll be going in the fall, he is definitely planning on heading to college. Matt studies hard and hopes to go on to work for a serious news organization after college. He spends his free time playing soccer for the school’s varsity team during the fall season and plays tennis in the spring. During his favorite time of year, winter, he likes to relax and watch The Office. He also enjoys listening to his favorite rapper Kendrick Lamar but isn’t opposed to Taylor Swift’s old country songs. His favorite Taylor Swift song being “Teardrops On My Guitar.” When Matt is not too busy with his multiple AP classes and the weather is nice, he likes to take his dog, Summer, for long walks on Minot Beach. This routine is very relaxing for him. Matt is looking forward to another great year writing for the Scituation and wants to be the best editor he can be.

Matt DiPesa, Editor in Chief

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