News Editor: Kristen MacDermott
One of the two news editors this year, senior Kristen MacDermott, is looking forward to spending her last 100-plus days of high school making new friends and having fun. (Aren't we all!) In the true fashion of a journalist, Kristen loves writing and experiencing the luxuries of life: going to concerts, shopping, and, of course, watching Netflix. When asked why she wanted to take Journalism in the first place, she answered that she loves writing and found that this class could both be a fun and useful way to exploit her skill. Kristen's favorite topics to write about include anything involving musical artists, especially Beyonce, so expect some Lemonade references sneakily keyed into articles she helped write! As of this year, Kristen is looking forward to sharing worthwhile information to students that they wouldn't necessarily know if not for the news section of The Scituation. Kristen wants to attend college next autumn, where she hopes to take both her journalism skills and her Beyonce-loving self to the next level. Speaking with Kristen revealed a strong journalist who is ready to seek out the news of Scituate High School and bring it right to your front step.

Kristen MacDermott, News Editor

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