Jessica Presutti
Senior Jessica Presutti is eager to put her pen to paper as she continues as a writer for The Scituation and joins the leadership team as the InDesign editor.  When she doesn't have a pen in her hand, you’ll probably see Presutti with a basketball. You can catch her draining trey bombs for the Lady Sailors this winter.  If you see her before the game, she will be likely eating her lucky pregame applesauce. After she hangs up the high tops, Presutti plans on entering the medical field. But for now, she is making money working for the Scituate Recreation Department. She works for the basketball camp, and she loves to help out with kids and inspire them. Presutti would love to travel the world, but she has never been out of the country. Eventually, she hopes to save up enough money to travel to Australia. Presutti looks up to Kelsey Plum, a WNBA player.  She hopes she can be like her one day. She also looks forward to using her talents to influence The Scituation team, as she will give her unique opinions while she takes on certain topics regarding the town and school.

Jessica Presutti, InDesign Editor

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