As Jack Kimball begins his junior year at Scituate High School, he is excited to contribute his ideas and stories by joining the Scituation staff. With his experience in Intro to Journalism as a freshman, Jack hopes to expand his previous knowledge in writing and reporting. This year Jack has a large class load; he is enrolled in AP United States History, AP Language and Composition, AP Biology, Honors Precalculus, and Honors Spanish. Jack explained that he filled his schedule with difficult classes in order to challenge himself.

Jack fills his time outside of school with his favorite pastimes: running, playing basketball and soccer, and going on bike rides. His favorite genres of music include country and hip-hop, and his favorite movie genres are adventure and action. Jack likes to hang out with friends and go on fishing trips off the coast of Scituate on his family boat. He also loves to spend time with his family in Martha’s Vineyard during the summers.

Jack’s dream is to someday work as a general manager or to have a high position in a professional sports organization. He also hopes to pursue some type of career in journalism. Graduating in 2020, Jack has big things ahead of him in both high school and beyond.

Jack Kimball, Staff Writer

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