Jack Bernier
Although fairly new to the newspaper process, Jack Bernier already has high hopes for the Scituation. Bernier is strolling into his senior year and eager to make his mark on SHS. His versatility as a writer and as a person will be key to keeping the Scituation interesting as well as keeping his classmates engaged and on their toes.

Outgoing, passionate, and supportive would be the three most accurate adjectives to describe Bernier’s lively soul. Bernier is well rounded in all aspects of life; he excels at basketball, guitar and drums, and works at Scituate Community TV (SCTV) in his free time. When he’s not doing any of the above, you can find him eating at his favorite local restaurant, TKO Malley’s, in Scituate Harbor.

Bernier has decided to challenge himself in school this year. He is enrolled in three AP classes, which should push him academically. To add some stress relief, he is also enrolled in a study and more artistic-based classes to balance his workload. The impact Bernier wishes to leave on SHS is to inspire his peers to “not limit themselves and try new things.” Bernier believes in the importance of being yourself and not letting others influence you--to do anything that pushes you away from your goals. Being the strong individual that he is, Bernier practices these words of wisdom and hopes his actions will resonate throughout his community.

Jack Bernier, Staff Writer

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