Hannah Bates
In her first year of the Scituation, Junior, Hannah Bates is ready for any adventure that may come her way. Throughout her career at Scituate High School, English has always been Hannah’s favorite subject. Hannah has enjoyed her experience in English especially with her past teacher, Mr. Scavotto. She admired the way that he taught the class and described his teaching as “different from other teachers.” Scavotto added new ideas and lessons to the given curriculum, and she believed that this made the class more interesting and enjoyable. When Hannah is not in school, she spends her time horseback riding with her horse, Joey. Over the summer Hannah competes in multiple competitions with a few other Scituate High School students and has won many awards for her exceptional horseback riding. As the college process begins for Hannah, she is not exactly sure which college or university she would like to go to, but she knows that she wants to get far away from Scituate. She is even considering going to college outside of the country. Hannah is looking for a change in her life and is ready for new experiences outside of Scituate. Hannah enjoys traveling and looks forward to visiting new places when she is older. Her college experience would be the first step to her new adventures. As a new member of the Scituation Hannah is ready to begin her journey as a student journalist. She is open to writing about anything that may come her way and is eager to start the new year.

hannah bates, Staff Writer

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