Talented junior Ellen O’Donnell is involved in numerous activities with Scituate High School, including field hockey, lacrosse, and Model United Nations. This year, she can add Scituation photo editor to that list. Outside all these activities, O’Donnell says she still finds time for friends and family. O’Donnell is a bright student with a passion for photography, as she hopes to work alongside the Scituation reporters taking pictures to ensure that photos play a role in this year’s publication. For her first year on staff she is looking forward to taking pictures and learning more about SHS and her classmates through articles and stories. O’Donnell’s first experience with journalism came from the SHS Intro to Journalism class, which she took during her freshman year. As for her future beyond Scituate High School, O’Donnell has many goals and aspirations: In college, she wants to study nursing while also studying journalism or photography. After college, she would love to pursue a career in journalism, travel, nursing, or photography. She hopes to be involved with a non-profit organization. Make sure you look out for the photos in this year’s Scituation Publication!     


Ellen O’Donnell, Photographer & Photo Editor

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