Corrie McCroskey
World traveler, strong equestrian rider, and lover of World War 2 history; Senior Corrie McCroskey is one of the newest, and most interesting members of the Scituation staff. This past year, Corrie moved to Scituate from her home in Burke, Virginia where she spent her time English horseback riding and “dabbled in softball.” She has traveled and lived in many different places, including Germany, Virginia, Kansas, Illinois, and now Scituate. She has also been to Spain, Ireland, and one of her favorite places, Pompeii. Although she had to move, that didn't stop her from riding. McCroskey now spends her days riding, caring for, and training horses in Plymouth. When not at the barn, Corrie can be found working at Devine pet and feed in Norwell or watching one of her favorite movies, Secretariat. She also thoroughly enjoys chicken burgers.. In the future, McCroskey hopes to do something involving horses, writing, or drawing. This worldly student will surely make her impact on the Scituation.

Corrie McCroskey, Staff Writer

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