Junior Colleen Secaur could not be more passionate and excited to join The Scituation team!  Previously having written reviews for her personal blog on the films Wonder Woman, Lady Bird, and Frances Ha, Secaur hopes to take a spot as an art or film critique.  As much as she enjoys sharing her personal opinion, Secaur also loves indulging in different science fiction movies and profound novels solely for her own pleasure.  One of her favorite movies is Blade Runner 249; stay tuned because you may see a review soon!  Secaur’s past experience in independent writing and reading has definitely prepared her well to take on multiple tasks here on The Scituation.  Secaur hopes to travel and explore Italy in the future, making pit stops to different art museums and film festivals. She has recently started making her favorite food entirely from scratch: pasta.  Therefore, Secaur would love to include Italian cuisine in her travels, and probably write about it along the way! Hand in hand with her passion for history and English, Secaur takes her interests to the next level in a variety of different clubs: Amnesty International, Model United Nations, and Debate Club, where she has received an award for Novice Speaker. Aside from her academics and extracurriculars, Secaur can be found running alongside the harbor or driving around with friends while listening to her favorite singer, Frank Ocean. Although she no longer plays basketball, Secaur shares this timeless skill with her younger brother and sister.  Last summer, Secaur attended the Boston Calling Musical Festival where she saw “Mr. Brightside,” performed by The Killers (a killer experience to say the least).  We cannot wait to see what our newest reporter, Colleen Secaur, has to bring to the table -- in terms of journalism and pasta, that is!


Colleen Secaur, Staff Writer

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