Features Editor: Christina Pelletier
There is more to journalism than the freshly printed papers that come out every so often for the members at SHS to read and enjoy. There are people behind the madness, those who work overtime to get the final print available for our community’s eyes. One of these people is the Features Editor, Christina Pelletier. A member of the class of 2017, Christina describes herself as outgoing and outspoken. Christina's ideal way to spend her free time is doing what interests her: binge watching Netflix and taking Buzzfeed quizzes. Christina's favorite subjects are morality and psychology, and, fun fact: she can say the alphabet backward. When asked what she would do with a million dollars, Christina responded by saying she would spend her money on experiences, like concert tickets, rather than materialistic things. And in case you are curious, her favorite animals (in this explicit order) are sea turtles, sea otters, giraffes, and elephants. Christina is ready to take on this year and contribute to the Scituation staff’s collection of creative, opinionated, and educational writing. Christina is excited for her senior year because she said she, “Low key loves school.”

Christina Pelletier, Features Editor

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