Editor-in-Chief: Cameron Blanks
It's a challenge to sum up the illustrious Cam Blanks in 300 words. Undoubtedly destined for greatness, the senior already has a quite a few notches on his belt; he currently holds the position of editor – in – chief of The Scituation while also reigning as the elected class president for an impressive four years in a row. When asked what pulled him toward journalism, Blanks said he always saw journalists as the watchdogs of society, responsible for keeping it in check. In addition to keeping society from crumbling to dust, Blanks is also actively involved in school service trips to impoverished regions in countries like Mexico and Guatemala.

But when he’s not out selflessly devoting his time to better the experiences of his peers or citizens in needy countries, Blanks is dreaming of activism in a political realm. Scituate’s very own golden boy is an aspiring ambassador/diplomat, and with an endless list of extracurriculars and a winning personality as testaments to his worthiness, there’s absolutely no doubt he’ll reach his goals some day.

Despite being a phenomenal scholar and a tireless civil servant, Blanks is by far one of the most approachable and fun-loving members of the 2017 graduating class. He can be found shredding the slopes on his snowboard or dominating the ultimate Frisbee field with some intense moves. A self-proclaimed calzone guy, Blanks enjoys watching Game of Thrones (who doesn’t?).

An all around incredible human being, Blanks is going to achieve remarkable things in his future. Whether he’s off writing superhuman articles for the New York Times, single-handedly raising a country from squalor, or running for Secretary of State, Blanks is a game changer; regardless, he’s got my vote.

Cameron Blanks, Editor-in-Chief

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