Meet Brigid Bonner, an adventurous student ready to explore the world. Bonner is interested in boosting her community and showing her dedication through her undeniable perseverance. Always working, both in school and out, Bonner is an avid learner who is preparing for her future. As a junior, she already has a few specific ideas of potential colleges. Outside of the already outstanding academic performance shown, Bonner is a passionate soccer player. Bonner enjoys soccer because she views it as an effective way to engage with the community and have fun with her friends. Bonner also works with Model United Nations and the Bracketology Club, along with being employed as a babysitter. Nevertheless, money isn’t the primary motive for Bonner, as she enjoys spending time with kids and meeting new people. When she isn’t working hard on her countless activities, you can find Bonner hanging out with her friends. She enjoys going to the movies and playing sports in her free time. Bonner is astute in her surroundings, always learning and working hard to improve herself and the local community. This mindset and general work ethic will make Bonner a fantastic addition to The Scituation team. With one year of experience already under her belt from the Introduction to Journalism class, Bonner is hooked. She wants to make a career out of journalism, as she aspires to be a traveling journalist, exploring the world and describing her adventures as she goes along. Hopefully, The Scituation is only the beginning of a fruitful career in journalism!

Brigid Bonner, Staff Writer

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