Bridget Lumnah
Senior Bridget Lumnah aspires to explore how the world works beyond the United States. As a stepping stone, she hopes to satisfy her curiosity about local matters by working as a staff writer for The Scituation.  

Described by her peers as kind and driven, Bridget prides herself on being family-oriented and community-minded. Throughout her high school career, Bridget has participated in Amnesty International and Student Government (as a class representative). She has also been a member of the field hockey team.   

Currently excited about taking courses in psychology and journalism, Bridget is looking forward to attending a college that has well-established study abroad programs. With an additional dream of working in the field of healthcare as a nurse, Bridget says she wants to have a positive impact on the world and work with children.

Explaining she wants to “be able to have fun in life but also be hardworking at the same time," Bridget is excited about getting more involved in the school through journalism and being able to write about topics that interest her. 


Bridget Lumnah, Staff Writer

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