Alexa Evensen
An exciting new addition to The Scituation Team this year is senior Alexa Evensen. She decided to join the team this year because the art of journalism seems interesting to her and she also wants to “challenge herself.” She is always seeking a challenge, as shown through her passion in horseback riding. Alexa participates in horse jumping shows during the spring and summer, taking home blue ribbons for successful shows. Her most recent horse was named Charlie, and she also has a dog named Stella. When she isn’t working with the horses or hanging with her dog, Alexa can be found bussing tables or being a hostess at the Mill Wharf, a popular Scituate Harbor restaurant. Her favorite seasons include summer and fall because of the hot and then moderately warm temperatures that come in those seasons. Alexa has two younger siblings, both a brother and a sister in junior high. Alexa is a fan of traveling, and some of her favorite spots include Florida and Martha’s Vineyard, those two places are high on her list because she loves going to the beach. Although, her favorite beaches are those in Scituate: the Spit and Peggotty. Alexa is excited to be a senior this year, especially looking forward to walking across the stage at graduation. She is also excited for senior week because “everyone gets to dress up.” Alexa is very interested in fashion and design, as she is very stylish in her day to day clothes, and hopes to become an interior designer in the future. Alexa wants to attend college next year down south, because, as evident through her frequent trips to Florida, she “hates the cold.”

Alexa Evensen, Staff Writer

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