Which Season Has the Best SHS Sports?


Students and Mrs. Hughes, SHS VP enjoy a USA theme at a football game in Fall 2022!

Kelly Horan, Staff Writer

Known for multiple state titles, the SHS athletic program plays a significant role in the Scituate community. Participation in high school sports helps build school spirit throughout the year, but which season has the best sports?


There is no better way to kick off the school year than with fall sports games. The excitement leading up to Friday night football games pushes students through a hard week. At SHS, the fall season includes boys and girls soccer, boys and girls cross country, field hockey, volleyball, and cheerleading. Almost every night of the fall season, there’s a team playing under the lights—a fun activity for the community to come together. 

SHS senior Maeve Cochran feels strongly that the fall is the best time for sports for various reasons. Cochran’s favorite sport to watch in the fall is football. She explained, “Almost everyone goes to the football games. You can feel the school spirit, and it’s nice to be outside.” According to Cochran, the energy at each football game makes it undeniably the best season. Students collectively participate in weekly themes to support the Sailors, and you can find prizes for the person with the best most spirited attire. Along with the fun themes, students crowd around eagerly waiting in a long line to get themed t-shirts. 


As the fall season comes to an end, students prepare for a long cold winter. Despite the warm weather fading, students have winter sports games to look forward to. The winter inevitably can feel slow with midterms and the end of the holiday season, but the winter sports season brings players and spectators together for joyous times. Winter sports at SHS include boys and girls hockey, boys and girls track, boys and girls basketball, boys and girls swimming, gymnastics, cheerleading, and skiing. Freja Haley, a senior at SHS, enjoys playing field hockey during the fall season and watching sports during the winter and spring seasons. Haley said her “favorite [season] is definable winter.” Haley enjoys “watching hockey games at Hobomock and basketball games in the big gym.” Haley attributes her love for the winter seasons to having more free time–during the winter she finally has the chance to attend games, which is difficult during other seasons when she participates in the sports herself. 


As the weather becomes warmer, spring sports begin the countdown to summer. For students, the spring is filled with AP exams, final projects, field trips, and active days around the SHS campus. Spring sports at SHS include lacrosse, golf, tennis, track, baseball, and softball. 

SHS senior Maggie Fontes finds spring to be the best season for sports because “everyone is always happy to sit outside and connect no matter the sport they’re watching.” She commented, “In the fall, I think the majority of the school watches only football, but the spring allows everyone to explore all the sports that the school has to offer.”