Track and Field Team has High Expectations for the Season


Matthew Dunn, Contributing Writer

With an exciting season of winter sports coming to a close, and spring sports starting up, everyone has the same question on their minds. Not about lacrosse, or baseball, but about the #1 sport at Scituate High School–track and field.

Now, a lot of people may not know anything about track and field, as there are a lot of very complex events happening simultaneously, including running, running fast, jumping, and throwing things. And while SHS track hasn’t always enjoyed the best luck in the past–with a non-win streak that is too long to actually mention–this year looks to be the year track will dominate its competition.

SHS senior Thomas Bleakney seems optimistic about the upcoming season. Reflecting on previous years, he feels the track team has “a good chance to not be shut out this season.” Commenting that they had one win last year for the first time in a good amount of years, Bleakney explained how the team they won against last year is an easy win for them this year, too. Sounding extremely hopeful, Bleakney stated, “This year’s our year.” 

Senior Miles Jones, who is also extremely hopeful, has set high goals for this year. Jones said he believes Scituate has the best team since he’s been in high school, and he’s betting on winning at least half of this year’s meets. Expecting the team to take 3rd or higher at the League meet, Jones said his final goal–which he is very confident about–is the 4 x 100 relay team winning divisional relays. 

Things seem to be looking up for the track team this year. Will the win against Hanover last year inspire everyone on the team to run faster, jump higher, and throw things farther? The track team has been training very hard to prepare for their first meet against Quincy, which is scheduled for Tuesday, April 5th, at 3:30 PM at Faxon Field in Quincy. The team will meet Hanover on their home turf on Wednesday, April 27th, at 3:30 PM. This year’s first home meet will be held on Tuesday, May 3rd, against Pembroke.