Journey Back to Gillette

Samantha Roma, Sports Editor

Scituate finds themselves in their second Super Bowl in the past 4 years. Three years ago in 2018, the football team won against Nipmuc in the Super Bowl, 35-14. In 2019, the team made it to the first round of the tournament where they lost to Canton, and there was no tournament last year due to the pandemic. Players are excited to be back again playing Duxbury on December 3rd, at 7:30 PM after a record of 8-1 in the regular season. 

SHS senior Keegan Sullivan is the only member of the team who has experienced both of the super bowls. He has been on the team since he was a freshman and is grateful for the opportunity to be in not one but two super bowls in his four years at SHS. Although Sullivan was super excited to play in the Super Bowl his freshman year, he says he is “slightly more excited this year” because he will be playing with his best friends whom he has played football with since 3rd grade.

The captains this year are Andrew Bossey, Keegan Sullivan, Jack Thompson, and Mike Sheskey. They plan to lead the team to another Super Bowl win. There are a few injuries on the team, including Colin Morley and Andrew Bossey, who are trying to heal up in order to play in the championship game. 

The team is also excited because they will be playing Duxbury, whom they lost to during the regular season. It was a very close game where they lost 27-28 due to not getting the two-point conversion. The game was extremely close and could have gone either way. They are excited to get a rematch and show how great of a team they really are. 

Fans are also excited to go back again to Gillette. Many of this year’s seniors remember the fun and anticipation of freshman year during the road to Gillette. Senior Brooke Pierotti, who went to the game freshman year, says, “The game at Gillette is a high school experience that I will never forget.” Alex Christenson, another senior who went to the freshman year Gillette game, says that “although the game freshman year was very fun, I am very excited for this game, as I am close with many on the team, and it’s my last year that this could happen, as I’m a senior.” Christenson has been very influential in getting the student section chanting during the football games this year. He has brought energy and enthusiasm to many games.

The past few years have not been the same as 2018 because in 2019 we did not have a home field for games, and in 2020, due to COVID, there was a shortened season with no tournament. This is the first year that is completely normal since 2018. Fans are excited to go to Gillette and cheer on the Scituate Sailors as they attempt to win another championship. 

Coach Devine is the varsity football coach. This will be his second trip to the state championship in the past four years.