Dodgeball Tournament Unites SHS

Ellen O’Donnell and Ellie Foley

Recently, Scituate High School’s Bracketology club organized a fun activity to unite the school–a dodgeball tournament. Bracketology, or Intramural Athletic Board, which is overseen by SHS history teacher Andrew Roberts, consists of student-athletes who organize sports tournaments for the school throughout the year.
School spirit may be lacking at SHS; however, one of Bracketology’s main goals is to bring the school together and exemplify school unity. The dodgeball tournament was seen as an ideal opportunity to improve school spirit. The tournament provided students with a chance to actively participate and work together with one another toward a common goal. Not only did this game connect the seniors, but it also united the whole entire school. All grades were allowed to play, and it wasn’t just a boys’ game. There were teams of 8 with either six boys and two girls or vise Versa.
The tournament took place in the newly waxed big gym. This game allowed students to have independence in picking their teams and choosing their uniforms. Students were allowed to use their creativity and create a theme for their team. During times of stress, especially for seniors as they are applying to colleges, this provides students with a friendly break and de-stressor.
Although this tournament may seem all fun and friendly, it can get pretty competitive. The winners received a free customized t-shirt– bragging rights, of course.
Bracketology is working to bring about more school spirit and unity throughout the rest of the year. The club is currently organizing a pep rally before the December break, and SHS students can expect more tournaments throughout the school year.
Keep an eye out for more chances to get together with your friends for a nice competitive game!