SHS Restrooms Need to be Unlocked

Alex Heuer, Contributing Writer

Restrooms all around the school have been locked, which is highly inconvenient.  Recently, SHS conducted an online “Thought Exchange,” and when people were asked what they want to happen in our school, the majority of students said the restrooms should be unlocked.

SHS restrooms should be unlocked for so many reasons. No matter how long the bathrooms are locked, the situation is not gonna just go away for good. Having to walk five plus minutes to go to the bathroom is taking away time in class, and it’s not the students’ fault for being late to class, so we shouldn’t get in trouble for something we can’t control. 

I created a Google form and asked people a few questions about how they feel about the bathrooms: “How do you feel about some/most of the bathrooms around the school being locked 24/7?” and “What do you wish would change about the bathroom rules?”

SHS sophomore Shelby Mogan said locking the restrooms is annoying, and it causes other bathrooms to be overfilled, making it a problem with social anxiety. She also said the bathrooms should be unlocked instead of taking the lazy route.

Junior Chloe Matkin said the bathrooms being locked is annoying, and she just wants to be able to use the bathroom. Just because people are vaping shouldn’t mean that everyone should be punished. 

And sophomore Ashely Doherty said it is a terrible idea, and it’s not preventing kids from vaping. If students really want to do those things, there are plenty of other places they can still do it. 

SHS can do better, so please unlock the bathrooms. Preventing students from having access to the restrooms is not fixing anything.