SHS Needs a Tutoring Program

SHS Needs a Tutoring Program

Isabella Monteiro, Contributing Writer

Scituate High School can take pride in its diverse advanced courses and fantastic curriculum. A variety of AP classes give students the opportunity to earn college credit and gain the experience necessary to make college decisions. Students regularly engage in discussions about which college to attend or which major to pursue.

But with such advanced courses comes work–lots of it. The expectation, just like in every other course, is that students can keep up. However, many times this cannot be achieved without a tutor, which costs between $25 and $80. This price typically increases for standardized test prep and AP courses.

This year in AP Chemistry, several students developed a strategy:  Share a tutor to reduce the cost. Capitalizing on the need for tutors, other students have taken a different approach: Tutor other high school students for a charge of $35 per hour.

While it is fantastic to see committed high school students, such options should be available to all. Therefore, Scituate needs to implement a comprehensive tutoring program that is accessible to all students who need it. This ensures the success of all. One idea could be to hire students at Scituate High School. Student tutors could be paid or given community service hours. According to sophomore Callie Loeffel, such a service would “be of benefit to all struggling students who need to be prioritized in these difficult classes.”