Let’s Make Summer More Fun for Teenagers in Scituate

Sydney Cataldo  and Grace Dousa

 The Town of Scituate is known to be a high-quality place in the summer. Yet, teenagers often find themselves with limited options on what to do. After being at the beach all day, what can we do next? What can we add to Scituate to make summer more fun for teenagers? 

One idea we devised was adding a drive-in movie night every few weeks at a beach parking lot. Other towns like Marshfield have drive-ins, so why shouldn’t we? This would be a great money-maker with concession stands and fundraisers, while also creating a fun night for kids and families. With so many great beaches and parking lots, it seems like a great idea. 

Another idea is a beach party. There’d be a DJ and a bonfire on the beach so anyone can come. We could have food trucks in the parking lots, and all teenagers would be welcome. It’s another activity for people to enjoy in the summer when looking for an entertaining night after being at the beach. 

The last idea is inflatables in the fields of the Central Field. This may seem like more of an event for younger children, but through our survey, we found out that many teenagers would be interested. The fields could be filled with inflatables, bouncy houses, and even water slides. There’s nothing like that around Scituate, so we feel it could be a very successful event.