Class of 2022 Seeks Additional Privileges

Sydney Washburn, Staff Writer

The class of 2022 has undergone an unusual high school experience, with the pandemic significantly altering student life. As the world slowly returns to normalcy, members of the senior class crave this same sense of regularity. For many, school privileges have fallen short of their expectations. 

Members of the class of 2022 have relayed their disappointment with this year’s privileges, after spending their earlier years of high school looking forward to senior privileges that seemingly won’t be available to them this year. Considering the dismal year the SHS community faced last year, no one can blame the understandable restlessness felt across the school, as students and staff strive to make up for lost time. 

Perhaps one of the most notable senior privileges, the senior cafe, has already sparked some controversy this year. Administrators have encountered some challenges with its revival, with SHS Assistant Principal Karen Hughes stating, “Unfortunately, we don’t have the ability to open the senior cafe at this time.” Though the senior cafe has been an iconic privilege that allows seniors to cherish their final year together, SHS Principal Lisa Maguire described how this decision is based on both space issues and state requirements for COVID guidelines. The administration is “seeing what the State will say about masks, and that will factor into how we move forward in the year,” says Maguire. Seniors will remain hopeful, understanding the pandemic limitations may force them to readjust their expectations in regards to this year’s privileges. 

A current senior privilege allows students with first block study to enjoy the block off, as long as they get to class before their second block begins. Accordingly, seniors with last block study are allowed to leave school early for their final block. Despite being thankful for this privilege, and understanding that the privilege has to be earned, seniors still feel as though they deserve more and feel that a return of more senior privileges will keep them motivated throughout the school year. 

Senior Hayley McCarthy added how she finds the lack of senior privileges odd, especially considering the normalcy presented in other areas, like sports. McCarthy, a four-year SHS soccer player,  believes “there are options that have yet to be explored” and hopes additional privileges are presented as the year continues.

With many seniors agreeing with McCarthy’s sentiments, it appears the SHS administration is willing to collaborate. Maguire explained how they are open “to other types of privileges, if people have ideas, and are willing to listen and consider.” Student voices deserve to be heard, and it seems, with a partnership of students and staff, it may be possible to make the year a more enjoyable and satisfying end to the high school careers of the Class of 2022. 

This mentality already seems to be bringing about greater possibilities, as Maguire discussed ideas for additional privileges currently in the works. Maguire explained, “We have 1-4 studies per block. I want to pull all the seniors together and put them together in one area.” This push for more privileges is a positive one, but many seniors are still eager to feel the return of familiar privileges sooner rather than later.

Senior James Cannon stated, “I’m fairly upset, seeing as when I was a freshman I saw all these seniors experiencing special things that brought them together as a class, like the senior cafe. I am upset to see how the privileges have regressed rather largely compared to our freshman year.”

The class of 2022 hopes for more opportunities for memorable and meaningful experiences during their final school year. With a feeling of collaboration rising within SHS, it appears administrators and the senior student body might be able to harmonize within this topic to find a compromise in which everyone is satisfied.