Scituate High School Walks Out to Demand Action

March 14th Walkout Planned by Students

Ryan Frankel, staff Writer

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Did you know there were over 1,600 mass shootings in America since the Sandy Hook school shooting? According to an article written by Vox, the United States leads the world in homicides by firearms–ahead of other developed countries such as Switzerland, Belgium, and Luxembourg.

In the wake of the February 24th school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, students and teachers across the nation will walk out of their schools on March 14th. They are protesting and demanding the U.S. Government take action on the issues of gun reform, mental health, and school safety.

At 10:00 a.m. on March 14th, Scituate High School students and teachers will walk out to the turf field for 17 minutes in honor of 17 victims killed in the Parkland, Florida, shooting. I will be giving a speech alongside SHS senior Emily Whitman. We hope to send a clear and strong message to the people of Scituate–and to the rest of the country. This walkout is about coming together as a community to stand up for our rights as students, teens, and individuals for our own safety. The SHS walkout will not be forced upon students or staff who don’t wish to participate. The walkout is a nonpartisan event and a time to put political beliefs aside.

This new movement (#neveragain) has made me want do more, get involved, and make change happen. After living in Connecticut for sixteen years, I will always remember the Sandy Hook Shooting. Since then, I have been a proud advocate for teen rights and gun violence prevention in America.

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Scituate High School Walks Out to Demand Action