March 25th Scituate Fundraiser for Ukraine

We Stand With Ukraine fundraiser at FTCC


Emma Riedel, Editor-in-Chief

No one wants to feel powerless in the face of global violence, but while soldiers may be fighting halfway across the world, there’s still something we can do from our own corner in Scituate. 

On Saturday, March 25th, from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m., come to the First Trinitarian Congregational Church (FTCC) on Country Way for a “We Stand With Ukraine” fundraiser. 

This event is packed with an auction, a selection of traditional Ukrainian dishes, and performances from the SHS Treble Choir. Most notably, SHS senior Alisa Hil, who came to the U.S. last August to escape the conflict herself, will be performing. 

Hil has been in charge of coordinating the musical performances for the fundraiser. As the only one who speaks Ukranian, she will be both singing classical Ukranian music and playing her guitar. In preparation, she’s been leading the high school choir as they learn a song in her native language. 

While it’s certainly a lot of work, Hil finds it rewarding to see people who don’t know Ukranian trying so hard to sing a Ukranian song. Hil said, “It means a lot to me.” 

“I’m really thankful that I have those people around me who just want to help,” she added.

SHS senior Mimi Minich, a member of the choir, said, “Alisa’s a really good Ukrainian teacher and sopilka player, and we really appreciated her taking the time out of her day to teach us.” 

SHS senior Maggie Murray said it’s been “really cool” learning from her and seeing how Ukrainian music is “stylistically different” from their typical pieces.

This isn’t the only SHS representation at the event on Saturday: SHS math teacher Kerri Hallihan’s photography is going to be featured as one of the items for the auction. In addition, SHS English teacher Catherine Hall and her husband are offering a summer sailing trip on their sailboat. The auction will also highlight a selection of nautical maps and some traditional Ukrainian items–all from local businesses. 

All of the money raised from this event will be used to purchase medical backpacks by the non-profit organization Sunflower of Peace to send to paramedics and physicians working on the front lines. 

If you’d like to support the people of Ukraine, you can purchase tickets from the Facebook link here.