DECA Competition Highlights SHS Business Talent


Ross Maki

SHS students competed in this year’s DECA competition

Ellison O'Connor, Contributing Writer

From 2020 to 2022, we have struggled with the ongoing pandemic. Among many challenges, the pandemic prevented school field trips from happening. With decreasing cases of COVID in the U.S. and in school, there was a revival of school field trips. One of the first field trips to take place was the Distributive Education Clubs of America (DECA) competition, held in Boston at the Copley Hotel from March 10th-12th, and the club members were very excited about the opportunity to engage in an event that brings students from different schools together. 

DECA is a business club that provides students with the experience of creating a business. During this process, students learn how to be creative problem solvers. In order to join DECA, students are required to take a business class, which is an amazing opportunity and prepares students who are interested in business for a potential future in business. The SHS DECA club’s faculty advisor is business teacher Ross Maki.

Pre-pandemic, DECA club members were able to compete in overnight competitions. These competitions bonded the club members and allowed them to have real-life experiences competing against other students — similar to running a real-life business. Furthermore, the competition allows students interested in business a chance to conduct a mock business meeting, learning essential social and communication skills.

This year, SHS students earned top honors during the competition: they took the overall top scores for their business plan and advanced to the state competition. The following SHS students qualified to advance to the state competition: Abby Falvey, Ellison O’Connor, Emmani Summerville, Avery Shaw, Caitlyn Berry, Andrew Murphy, Carly Bolton, Matthew Minich, Jacob O’Malley, Sophie Cahoon, Kiera Modder, Emmanuel Grant, and Emily Love.

SHS junior Abby Falvey said she was grateful for the opportunity to compete. She noted that “DECA is an experience,” and everyone should try it, adding that she “made friends, memories, and learned so much.” The 2022 DECA trip was Falvey’s first year participating in DECA. She feels she learned real-life experiences and advanced on to states, which is an impressive accomplishment. 

During the field trip, SHS students had the opportunity to see other students from different schools and have a unique experience. Due to this experience, many students were able to feel like school is returning to normal: The pandemic put a stop to school trips, so the first trip back gave the DECA members a real high school experience they have been missing.