Two Weeks Without Sunshine–Mrs. Ward Returns to SHS 


Kathleen Ward is back!

Sarah Villa, Managing Editor

Two saddening weeks have passed without Kathleen Ward greeting SHS students in the morning; however, today she made her highly anticipated return to the main office. Ward’s sudden disappearance two weeks ago left many students feeling concerned and confused–as well as hopeful for her return. 

Following an unfortunate accident at her home, Ward suffered a severe concussion and a tear in her knee. According to Ward, she was carrying armfuls of groceries while it was raining, and she fell down her steps. Ward’s greatest advice is “not to wear flip flops in the rain.” 

While her time off was spent in much-needed recovery, Ward took the opportunity to binge-watch TV shows like Downton Abbey. Fortunately, she is genuinely thrilled to return to the students and faculty of SHS. The community of SHS is relieved to welcome Ward back and wishes her a quick and safe return to full health!