Free Lunch and Breakfast Extended Through the Academic Year


Carts with free student lunches are transported to the cafeteria

Mary Stevenson, Staff Writer

During a time of widespread misfortune and financial stress, Scituate Public Schools have been granted the funds to provide free food to students and their families. This year, all Scituate students, irrespective of family income, can take advantage of the free breakfast and lunch program. 

Students who do not attend school in person are still provided with free food based on accommodations that can be made. Throughout the week, even when students are learning remotely, it is still possible for families and students to receive the food they need. This is extremely important and helpful to many families. 

Originally, the free lunch and breakfast program was expected to expire in December; however, it has been extended until the end of the school year. With the possibility of going back full time or going back more than two days a week at the high school, free lunch and breakfast at school will continue to be widely used.

The wonderful people who serve and make these breakfasts and lunches make sure that everyone gets what they need. There are carts full of food available to students when they are entering and leaving school, and anyone can take food home. 

The majority of students use the free food at school to their advantage, whether it be weekly, daily, or every so often. This may seem like a small gesture to some, but it is immensely appreciated by others. This act of generosity brings joy to those who need it most–especially during such a difficult time.