Unity Basketball Game Brings Community Together


Lindsey Hausmann, Staff Writer

The first annual Scituate Unity Basketball game was held on Thursday, December 8th, in the Scituate High School gymnasium. Both teams’ rosters included students, faculty, firefighters, police officers, and other community members. This spectacular event successfully unified the community and provided a place for community members to come together and have fun. 

SHS senior varsity basketball player Emilia Rojik said, “It was very exciting to come together with people from many different backgrounds and play a fun game of basketball.” Many SHS students’ weeks are filled with homework, practices and extracurriculars—leaving little time for fun activities. 

The unified basketball game provided an opportunity for hard-working community members to take a break from their daily lives and just simply have fun. The event brought community members together for a memorable night—whether or not they were physically participating in the game or cheering from the stands.

Spectator SHS sophomore Carolyn Good commented that she had an “amazing time” watching the game: “I had a smile on my face the whole time!” The atmosphere was filled with good spirits along with excitement and laughter. 

Scituate Police Officer Tobey Britton expressed that “it was a great opportunity to meet with a bunch of people that we see every day that we don’t really get to interact with.” Britton added, “It’s important for people, especially kids, to come out to see people that work in their community, whether its teachers, people who work in the town hall, firefighters, police officers, and actually build some sort of relationship.” 

Simple efforts toward community involvement–like the Unit Basketball Game–can help strengthen and build relationships between different ages and professions. 

If the Scituate community can build off these relationships and create a tight-knit community filled with inclusion and trust, adults can become role models for young children and pave the way for future generations of Scituate students.