Senior Skip Day–A Time Honored SHS Tradition

Quinn Gannon and James Sullivan

On Friday the 13th of May, Scituate High seniors participated in “Senior Skip Day.” This is a tradition that has happened in Scituate forever; however, it is not endorsed by the school administration. Unfortunately, some of these seniors had to go to school due to sports, which were being held either on Friday or on the following Saturday. But for those seniors who were able to skip, it seems as though a common theme for many of them was to go to the beach, particularly the Spit. 

A few seniors were willing to describe their skip day from the moment they woke up. As SHS senior Alex Christenson said, “I woke up, made myself a bacon egg and cheese sandwich, went surfing at the beach, and hung out with friends after.” In fact, most of the seniors spent the day hanging out with their close friends and doing fun activities, such as surfing or playing mini-golf. SHS senior Lily O’Donnell described how the senior class bonded at the Spit: “It was fun having all of my friends there and hanging out all together.”

 The beach was a very popular spot among seniors on their skip day, enjoying activities ranging from spikeball, swimming, and just hanging out with friends. There were also a handful of seniors who just took the day to rest, which they claimed was great as well.

When we asked how the day would have been different if it was held in the winter, there were one or two typical answers: A winter skip day would entail staying at home and playing video games, sledding, or just hanging out with their close friends at a house. One example of a possible winter activity was shared by SHS senior  Joe Secaur: “I’d go sledding, but if we really put effort forth, we would probably go skiing.” When asked about trying to get the whole grade together, many seniors agreed it would take much more planning to do something as a whole grade in winter than in the spring or summer. 

It appears this year’s graduating class really did enjoy their senior skip day. They described it as both a great break from school and a fun time to get together with friends before high school ends, which is quite soon. Not to mention the weather–which was great for the beach!