Class of 2022 Celebrates Final Day of High School


Abby Ferguson, Jada Thielen, Grace Finnerty, Jess Daniels, Ava Place, and Jill Connor joined their senior classmates as they celebrated their final day of high school classes on Wednesday, May 25th. In keeping with tradition, members of the senior class gathered at the Scituate Lighthouse to welcome the sunrise at 5:13 AM. After making their way to local coffee shops, seniors reassembled at the high school in time to cheer on the underclassmen as they arrived for school at 8:00 AM. Participating in the time-honored “senior prank,” seniors’ cars were already parked in a “bad parking” model–with little regard for parking lines. This festive spirit continued until after lunch when the Class of 2022 was dismissed for the final time by SHS Principal Lisa Maguire.