Senior Sleigh Ride Spotlights Celia Rees

This year’s senior class president leads the Senior Sleigh Ride!


Senior class president Celia Rees

Nora Gosnell, Scituation Club Writer

Leading this year’s Senior Sleigh Ride is Celia Rees, the president of this year’s graduating class. Known for her bubbly personality, Celia is involved in many school activities such as Model UN, the Principal’s Advisory Council, and the swim team. Celia is also co-president of Allies Not Bystanders (ANB) and one of the student representatives on the Scituate School Committee. 

One of Celia’s favorite achievements from high school is bringing back homecoming. After a 12-year hiatus at SHS, homecoming festivities returned this fall, thanks to the SHS Student Council. Celia is also very pleased with the innovative fundraising that has taken place this year–including selling hoodies and concessions. Being co-president of ANB, Celia is proud of how the group redesigned the framework of the slideshow to include mental health.

The most interesting place Celia has traveled to is Annecy, France. She went there in first grade but still remembers many details–especially staying at her dad’s patient’s house and how the family was involved in the culture. Every morning they would go down to the farmers’ market and buy a baguette, fruit, fresh meats, and cheeses. The town was gorgeous, and the temperature was amazing. During their stay, her family hiked, enjoyed museums, and explored the canals.

Celia’s favorite memory from SHS happened during her freshman year in her Algebra 1 class when her table group was Joe Cahill, Sam Benning, Ryan Borgman, and Kristina Provost. One day, in particular, stands out–the day she spilled her coffee during class.

Over the years, Celia has had many favorite teachers–especially Mr. Poirier at Gates Middle School, who encouraged her to be a dedicated student. At SHS, Mr. Kermond inspired her to be a good person, and Mr. Gross made physics seem approachable. She also enjoys taking English classes with Ms. Hayden. Celia’s favorite class at SHS was AP Physics because her class environment was electric. Her favorite year at SHS is her senior year because so far the graduating class is a lot tighter than in the past years. Also, people are not insecure about being themselves.

After she graduates from SHS, Celia hopes the positive changes she has tried to make at SHS will continue and future graduating classes will become even tighter. She also wants SHS to continue celebrating homecoming.

When Celia was asked who she would like to bring along on the Senior Sleigh Ride, she knew exactly who to bring–Kristina Provost and Rowan Perry!