Former Editor-in-Chief Named Starbucks Partner of the Quarter


Photo courtesy of Jane Naylor

Scituation Staff

Lauren Chiasson, a 2021 SHS graduate and former editor-in-chief of The Scituation, was named a Starbucks Partner of the Quarter. Currently a college freshman, Chiasson attends Northeastern University, in Boston, Massachusetts, and works at the Starbucks located on 3A in Cohasset.

When The Scituation reached out to Chiasson for comment, she responded via email: “I’m not really sure why I was selected, but it did feel nice to be recognized with how much I was working afternoons after school and weekends last year. I know Alyssa Clougherty was also a partner of the quarter when she was in high school, so my store is great about recognizing high school students for their hard work.”

Like many college students, Chiasson seeks opportunities to earn money when she’s back in Scituate, stating, “I love my job there and all of my coworkers so much so that I have been coming home on weekends to work.”