Libby Cutler Attending the Island School


Students attending The Island School have the benefit of an outdoor classroom

Sydney Washburn, Staff Writer

SHS junior Libby Cutler is venturing from SHS next fall to spend a semester living on Eleuthera Island in the Bahamas where she will attend The Island School. She is leaving in early September and staying on the island until December when she will return to Scituate High School to finish out her senior year.
Cutler originally planned to study at The Island School during the spring of 2020, but she had to postpone her once-in-a-lifetime educational experience due to the pandemic. “I’m super excited, I’m doing mostly marine biology, and the focus is on integrated learning,” Cutler explained.  Saying she enjoys learning about the ocean and science directly, Cutler is eager to travel down to the Bahamas for an amazing educational experience. “I’ve met people attending the school and have been keeping in touch with them as we all wanna get to know each other before we go,” she said.
Cutler is excited to form relationships with other students and staff, and she hopes to meet unforgettable friends at her new school.
The campus of The Island School is sustainable with limited waste, and the school’s mission is focused on teaching students about the importance of saving the environment for humans and animals alike.
Cutler says a typical school day involves research-based learning and exploration of the island and its history. She is required to pack a wetsuit and scuba gear, as students engage in marine ecology (scuba diving) and focus on land and environmental art. Between these classes, students have free time to relax in the community.  They also complete expeditions, traveling together and exploring the beauties of the great outdoors.
Admitting she will miss her home and her friends, Cutler is confident this unique opportunity will be worth it.