2020 Holiday Gift Guide


Sydney Washburn, Staff Writer

Although most families won’t be spending this year’s holidays similar to the past, celebrating with family and friends is still meaningful. Whether you are giving a simple or extravagant present, it is still an excellent way to show your love for those you care about. If you are looking to give gifts, below is a compiled list of the trendiest presents for 2020.

LED lights

  • LEDs are trending on popular apps like TikTok and Instagram. These lights can be put on the ceiling or wall of any room to add a unique flair to their space’s vibes. You can use the remote control to change the color based on your mood. These lights create a chic tone that enhances your experiences in your own home! You can even add some spice to your Zoom or Google Meets background for your classmates and teachers!

Weighted blanket

  • A weighted blanket provides comfort and warmth during remote learning. The blanket makes you feel protected and is proven to increase the quality of your sleep. It promotes a positive and restful sleep schedule for students and allows them to refuel for school. These blankets are personable, and you can choose a unique design that will please your gift recipient!

Mask Fashion

  • With the pandemic, comes a new gift opportunity! Masks can be made fashionable to match with any outfit and can be the perfect fashion statement. Masks are sold pretty much everywhere and can even be homemade. 

Gift Cards: Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, Chick-fil-a, Chipotle, etc.

  • Gift cards are always a go-to for the holidays, but gift cards for these specific restaurants will ensure happiness for any high schooler in the area! Restaurants like Chick-fil-a and Chipotle are fan favorites, and all students rave about coffee, specialty drinks, and pastries from Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks. The way to a high schooler’s heart is through their stomach!

A Netflix subscription

  • A Netflix subscription is the perfect gift for students who love movies and TV shows. The range of genres ensures that each consumer is satisfied. Students around the school and nation continuously rave about their favorite binge-worthy shows easily accessible through Netflix, including Gossip Girl, Vampire Diaries, New Girl, Grey’s Anatomy, and many more. You can’t go wrong with a Netflix subscription; it can even be watched from students’ Chromebooks!

Blue light glasses

  • Zoom culture promotes stress to your eyes that can cause potentially permanent damage and severe headaches. Especially considering schoolwork, homework, and class time is completed online, it is essential to protect your eyes and purchase blue light glasses. These glasses can be personalized, and each student can choose an individual style that suits them best! Blue light glasses are a stylish solution to aid with online school this year. 

Loungewear for Remote Learning

  • Comfy clothes, like sweatpants and sweatshirts, are always a must for high school students. You can’t go wrong with purchasing sweatshirts and sweatpants from any brands or stores. Ultimately comfort is an essential factor in deciding an outfit for school at home. Especially with winter around the corner, it’s important to be warm!