Is Math Blue or Red? Will We Ever know?


Katherine Bernier, Staff Writer

There is a topic that will automatically get students fired up. Now it is not one of the many controversial topics you are probably thinking of–this big debate is about subject notebook colors–in particular, math. 

Whenever this topic is brought up in any setting, students quickly get defensive over which color they believe someone’s math notebook should be. This debate typically turns into a yelling match as students have so much pride in the color they associate with each academic subject.

After a poll of about 100 SHS students, favorite colors have been confirmed. In this sampling of students, red clearly won, with 78% of students voting for it. Blue came in with only 17% of the votes. 

English was also very split between two colors, with 33%  saying it is yellow, and 35% claiming it to be blue. History was the most scattered, but blue was the most popular with 31% of votes. In the end, science was the most agreed upon notebook color: green as expected, with 85%, the color coming in second place with only 4% of votes. 

Although these results are only a small sampling of SHS students, we have not come near to solving this debate. This topic will continue to be controversial–and apparently very emotional, too. While there won’t be an official correct answer, ask any student and they will firmly believe they will have the right one.