2020: The Start of a New Decade


Maeve Lawler and Madeleine Levesque

Climate Crisis 

The Climate Crisis has been an ongoing issue since the 19th century, particularly during the boom of the Industrial Revolution. As humans have modernized society, we have done so at the expense of our planet. The decade has ended, yet we are still facing the same threat we have been facing for years–are we going to run out of time to reverse the damage we have done? This past year, the United Nations Climate Summit took place, indicating that progressive change is on its way. 

We kicked off this new year with detrimental fires in Australia, killing at least 28 people, destroying 3,000 homes, and ruining a plethora of natural habitats. This event proves that the time to combat climate change is now. With the rise of powerful climate change activists, like Greta Thunberg, progressive political candidates, and innovative sciences, 2020 looks to be a year of change for the better. This year needs to be the year of innovation: in companies, politics, science, and people’s daily lives. 

Greta Thunberg and the Revolution of the Younger Generations 

Climate activist, Greta Thunberg was Time Magazine’s ‘Person of the Year’ in 2019. She helped instill a hunger for change among young people, especially towards the end of this past decade. Thunberg traveled using renewable sources of energy across the Atlantic from Plymouth, England to New York City in August of 2019. She attended the UN Climate Action Summit, as well as various climate strikes. 

It is clear that younger generations, specifically Generation Z are heated–to say the least–about prior generation’s misuse of fossil fuels and resources. Posed to be the most well-educated generation yet, Generation Z has the highest statistics in wanting government involvement, as well as the belief that increasing racial and ethnic diversity is good for society. Generation Z has a heightened drive for change when compared to other generations in the past. With some being able to vote in the 2020 elections, it looks as though change is on the horizon. 

Trump’s Presidency (The End or The Beginning?)

The 2020 elections are right around the corner. So far 16 Democrats and 1 Republican dropped out of the race. Including Cory Booker who just recently announced that he dropped out. Despite the abundant amount of democrats dropping out, there are still 12 running, alongside 3 republicans. The democratic candidates that are leading the race are Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, and Elizabeth Warren. While on the republican side, President Donald Trump is in the lead.

Although Trump’s presidency is coming to an end, his actions prove otherwise. Seven months ago he ordered the killing of Iranian General Quassem Soleimani, claiming that it was due to lessening ‘future Iranian attack plans.’ Additionally, Trump claimed in a tweet that he spent $2.5 trillion on military equipment, as well as recently planning to finish his southern border wall construction. It looks as though despite Trump’s recent actions, the upcoming elections will mark a definitive change in the political climate.


Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (UK) is continuing to push his Brexit agenda. January 31, 2020, is the date that the UK is scheduled to officially leave the European Union (EU). After this date, the UK will enter an 11-month period to establish future relationships with the EU. During this period, trade will continue as normal and the UK must obey EU rules. In February, talks of establishing an Irish border will occur. By February 25, the EU is expected to make a trade negotiation with the UK.  If there is no agreement by the end of 2020, the UK government can ask for an extension of the transition period: however, Johnson is making this option illegal. This poses an issue because 11 months is a very short period to establish a clear and effective plan. If Johnson gets what he wants, by the end of 2020 the Brexit process will be complete with trading agreements in place. But many are concerned that plans regarding science, education, data exchange, and security will be unclear, as there is not enough time to create a comprehensive plan. 

One of the most important issues affected by Brexit is immigration. The UK being part of the EU in the past has allowed for more cooperation and flexibility in the immigration system, which is often beneficial to both citizens of Europe and England. The Brexit poses a challenge for EU citizens already living in the UK, putting an end to free movement for work and study and limiting people’s access to the British welfare system.  


This year the 2020 summer Olympic Games will be held in Tokyo, Japan. Having started in ancient Greece in 776 BC, the Olympics have evolved with time, now becoming a tradition in our modern era. The games this year are said to represent three fundamental principles that will impact the world: achieving your personal best, unity, and passing on traditions to the future. Tokyo previously hosted the Summer Olympics in 1964 and plan to use some of the existing venues this year. From aquatics to badminton, the Olympic games deliver inspiration to viewers and fans, while demonstrating the value of hard work and commitment. 

Upcoming Entertainment 

As for movies, TV shows, and events in general, there is much to look forward to. John Krasinki’s A Quiet Place, which was released in 2018, is coming out with a part two on March 20th. Additionally, the very popular Netflix original, Stranger Things is confirmed on Twitter by the ‘Stranger Writers’ to have a fourth season coming out around the holiday season in December. A film adaptation of Frank Herbert’s Dune is also set to come out at the end of 2020, with actors and actresses such as Timothée Chalamet and Zendaya. A nostalgic hit, Mulan (1998), is coming out with a live-action version on March 27th, with lead Liu Yifei. 

Regarding the awards, the 77th Golden Globes were held on January 5th with Ricky Gervais providing his various jokes as the host. Some winners include Succession, for the Best Drama TV Series. Brad Pitt for Best Supporting Actor in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. And Awkwafina in The Farewell for Best Actress in a Musical or Comedy Motion Picture. The 92nd Academy Awards will take place at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles, California on February 9th. Unfortunately, this will be the second year the Academy Awards will not be having a traditional host. The nominations for the Oscars will be released on January 13th. 

As for music, Boston Calling which is a yearly popular festival will be on May 22nd. The lineup for artists performing will be sometime in January. The 8th Annual Levitate Music and Arts Festival will be held in Marshfield, MA from July 10th through July 12th showcasing various bands and artists. Musicians such as Harry Styles and Halsey will be on tour this year as well.