North Scituate a Hub for Knitters

Ellen O'Donnell, Staff Writer

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In today’s world, electronic hobbies, like gaming and and watching Netflix, seem to be taking over our generation. No one thinks a high schooler would be interested in a hobby that requires patience, focus, and skill. However, a traditional, old-fashion hobby seems to be making a comeback in Scituate: knitting and crocheting are becoming more popular, even among SHS students.

In North Scituate, a new store has opened up next to C.T. Outfitters in the space formerly used by Comcast: Yarns in the Square opened in November. This shop was originally based in Hingham, but with new ownership, it moved to North Scituate. Since there is already a yarn shop in North Scituate, Stacy’s Stitches and Skeins, both owners plan to focus on specific skills.

Yarns in the Square caters to people who like to crochet, and Stacy’s Stitches and Skeins focuses more on knitting. Some may question why there is a need for two yarn shops within 300 feet from each other, but they may not realize the demand for more traditional shops like these.

The owner of Yarns in The Square, who happens to be SHS junior Anna Conroy’s aunt, said she would like to see high school students take classes in knitting. “I didn’t start knitting till I got out of college, but I would really love to get high schoolers in here to develop a skill where in an apocalypse, they can use,” she said.

Scituate Town Library also sponsors a “Drop In Knitting & Crocheting” workshop for active knitters who want to socialize while keeping up with their hobby. Alison Schirone is a yarn store owner and fiber enthusiast who leads this weekly workshop for knitters who want to share their techniques or work on a project among “fiber friends.” Schirone’s workshop is offered every Monday evening from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.


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