Albums that Saved 2020

Taylor Swift was the year’s knight in shinig armor


Ellie Snow, Staff Writer

As this terrible year finally meets its end, a period of self-reflection is important to recover from the disaster that was 2020. A communal sigh of relief will sound across the world as we finally reset after this past year’s struggles. With this, we mustn’t forget what helped us to survive these hardships. A sea of newly released music was a savior for many in these dark times, as it gave a voice to the heightened and unfamiliar emotions people would come to experience in this unfortunate time. Here are some of the new albums this year that did just that! 

1.Folklore by Taylor Swift 

It’s safe to say, without the unmatched presence of Taylor Swift, the 2020 experience would have been exponentially more catastrophic. Swift’s reinvention as a folk-pop persona with the release of Folklore would bring light to a time so filled with darkness. The authenticity and intimacy exuded from this album reminded the world of the once overlooked relationships of friends, acquaintances, and co-workers. The album’s beauty and grace would rekindle the lost connection of secondary relationships, as its lyrics and aesthetic structure reminded us of the forgotten faces social distancing kept us from seeing. For the possibility of rebuilt bonds and unity resting peacefully over the world, we express our appreciation to Folklore and Taylor Swift.

2.Punisher by Phoebe Bridgers

The teenage population who lost nearly a quarter of their future “gold old days” can look to Phoebe Bridgers’ Punisher album as the answer to their feelings of despair. Punisher ties the struggles of the youth into the global conversation, as its popularity among young listeners would speak to their overall emotional availability. In a society so judgemental of the classic teenage angst, Bridgers’ new release gave validation to the feelings experienced in the teenage years, bringing the worries and thoughts of the teenage mind to light in a healthy, helpful, and honest manner. Her album’s tone provided an angelic escape from the horrors of reality, as her unique lyrics would captivate our focus and create an environment for releasing and analyzing our emotions. For the glimmer of emotional stability left within us for the rest of the year, we owe our thanks to Phoebe Bridgers and her Punisher album.  


3.Women in Music Part III  by Haim  

As a whole, 2020 can be characterized by the immense feeling of isolation coating our mundane daily routines. With Haim’s most recent album release, however, listeners were left feeling a little less alone in the world. The compatibility and unity in the structure and vocals of each song championed feelings of comradery and sisterhood in everyday lives. Their album would bring a sense of relief, as hopes for an eventual return to normality would flood a listener’s mind. The sister-group, along with their newest album, exemplifies the ideals of a pre-covid relationship, as the lyrics and general tone of the album would carry an upbeat comparison to the busy normal life without COVID. Overall, their album would not encourage people to return life back to normal just yet, rather wishing for their audience to hold on hope for an eventual return to normalcy. For our ability to maintain our humanity in this uncharted water, we have the beautiful songs of Haim to admire.

4.Evermore by Taylor Swift 

Yes, that is correct. Taylor Swift strikes again, as the world’s knight in shining armor from the demons of 2020, with Folklore’s sister album, Evermore. This latest release would be the cherry on top in depicting Taylor Swift’s influence throughout the quarantine season.  Though sharing a similar beauty to Folklore, her second album for the year would result in a much more profound discovery of life. Evermore’s release demonstrated to people that though this year brought its hardships, for the most part, opportunities to build up one’s well-being and improve one’s character were possible during this time of isolation. Evermore would be the world’s alarm for progress, as people recognize the effort and hard work put into Swift’s release of two albums, and ask themselves whether they should be taking better advantage of this moment in history. Though the year, as a whole, was a massive struggle, we cannot blame all of our misfortunes on the year’s hardships. With Taylor Swift’s second album, the ultimate power of humankind is exemplified, as she was able to turn such a dark period into a musical masterpiece. For reminding us of our self-worth and motivating us not to fall into the dark pit of quarantine sluggishness, we applaud the passion, determination, and beauty in Taylor Swift’s album Evermore