You Lost: The Game is Spreading

Are you playing The Game?

Owen DeSmet, Staff Writer

Who doesn’t love a good game? Games are the interactive tools we use to have a good time and connect with one another. When we play games, sometimes we win and sometimes we lose. But some games are harder than others. Recently, there is a game that has been mentioned throughout Scituate High School, but it’s not like Monopoly. This game has no board, no pieces, and no limit to how many players can play. This is a game you just lost.

The Game is a psychological phenomenon that has taken over the internet. The objective of this game is not to lose. But unlike other games, this game has no winners–only losers. 

So how do you lose? The Game is lost by simply knowing about it or thinking about it. There are no rules or regulations, and there is no end. The Game is being played by every human on earth, and the people who don’t know about it aren’t necessarily winners, but they haven’t lost.

It is speculated that The Game has been around since the early 90s in England. In fact, some say it was invented by a group of people who missed the train and tried not to think about their situation, while some think it was created just to annoy people. Another theory suggests The Game was created by college students at the University of Cambridge in an attempt to make a game that does not fit the game theory. However, despite its unknown origin, The Game’s popularity has spread like wildfire, causing thousands to lose every day, including you.