Fortnite vs. Minecraft

Ryan Murray, 6th grade and Daniel Beaudin, 6th grade

Fortnite: (It’s better than Minecraft)

Since Fortnite came out, it has been a big success for  Epic Games–racking in crazy amounts of money in just one day. Now with the release of Fortnite Chapter 2, Epic Games has even more opportunity to rack in money. Many people (like me) have played Fortnite for a very long time and continue to play it. As Epic Games keeps improving the game, it’s even more fun to play with friends. You can play people on PS4 and Xbox while playing on your computer. Fortnite has completely changed gaming into a multi-billion dollar business. 

Ever since I first played Fortnite, I’ve used it for fun and to talk to my friends. I find it useful to talk to people whom you might not see. To me, there is violence to some extent–but not too violent. First, they use cartoon graphics, which make it seem less violent. They also don’t show any blood in the game. People tend to use Fortnite to relax and as a pastime. 

Parents have said Fortnite is “addictive” or “causes violent thoughts,” but that is a plain myth. Most kids use Fortnite to talk to friends, which is why they spend so much time on it. Another big reason parents are against Fortnite is the staggering number of videos that show other ¨pro¨ gamers playing the game. Parents say they “set a bad example” for playing so much. But each of those “pro” gamers makes money off each video, so why would they stop?  

Minecraft might be considered a nonviolent game, but it goes way deeper. Minecraft might not have guns, but it has swords, bows and arrows, and other sharp tools used for killing animals and, in certain game modes, killing other players. But someone might say, “Just don’t play those game modes.” You kill animals for food, but you also kill monsters. You kill these monsters and animals like a coldhearted beast– not thinking twice–you just go at it. While in Fortnite, you think twice before you do something–you just go at it with nothing to lose like in Minecraft. The weapons in Minecraft might look innocent, but back in the day, they were equivalent to a gun. 

Minecraft is as addictive as Fortnite. All of the videos of Minecraft (yes, I do watch some Minecraft) spend as much time on it as people who play Fortnite. The Minecraft YouTubers spend hours making this and making that, such as going on a quest. They probably spend more time on it than Fortnite YouTubers. When I played Minecraft, I spent so much time on it with friends–way more than Fortnite.

Fortnite also collaborated with other entertainment, like Star Wars and Stranger Things, putting in new items to correspond with shows or movies. For the Stranger Things collaboration, they put in the hopper and the Demogorgon as skins. They also put in portals that were in Stranger Things. For the Stars Wars collaboration, they put in a stormtrooper as a skin and a lightsaber as a weapon. This shakes up the game and adds pizazz. 

Furthermore every 3 months or so they come out with whole new skins and something new to the map. Every week they have an update and add something new. While Minecraft has only one update a year. To me, that’s not keeping the game up to date Mojang.

Fortnite is and always will be the superior game given how much people play and how they change things weekly- while Minecraft has one update a year. 

Minecraft (Fortnite stinks and Minecraft Rocks!)

Minecraft: Mining diamonds, building things and surviving in the wild. It’s a great game, even for a kid who was just introduced to a new source of technology. I say Minecraft is age-appropriate for anyone, from early elementary school on up.

Fortnite–in one word–violent. Parents are right–it is violent because there are multiple guns, and it is inappropriate for kids 12 and under. Minecraft has the simplest weapons, and they’re not even weapons. In Fortnite, you’re pulling out a shotgun on some random person on some person you probably don’t even know. It might be fun to do a 360 nose scope on someone but think about the younger children watching. This happens in front of their brother or sister’s Xbox or laptop. Now they’re exposed to the violence. Do you really want to spread that to them?

Fortnite is also addictive. Many of the videos I watch about Fortnite show it is really addictive. I’m sure there isn’t a college that invites you to play Fortnite 10 hours a day leading to your career. My point is, if Fornite is taking up many hours of your time, well, you will never find your interests. That includes college, and maybe even a job.

So you might be wondering: “Well, if you say Fortnite is so bad, what is good about Minecraft?”  Well, there are multiple things that are good about this amazing game. First off, it isn’t as violent as Fortnite. Well, Ryan as you said, “Well, aren’t you killing stuff the same way you do in Fortnite?” That is not true for two reasons. One: it isn’t as realistic as Fortnite. Two: It’s not like there’s snipers, shotguns, and other guns in that violent game.  

Minecraft also allows you to have different mods. You like Stranger Things? You’re in for a treat because with a mod you can now spawn demogorgons in the game. Minecraft has a big market along with Fortnite. We could go on forever about all the mods in Minecraft. In Fortnite, you are always in survival and trying to kill each other, but the great thing about Minecraft is you can design a world that is creative. In this world, you are basically all-powerful: You can build, create, or explore however much you want. You can even fly!  (That doesn’t require a mod.) Those are some good things to think about with the wondrous Minecraft.

So, you might also be wondering, “Well, yes, you have listed all these GOOD things about Minecraft, but you’re still a killing thing!” Yes, this is true, but you have to kill these things for two reasons. One: for food; in survival, you need food to survive like our ancestors did. Two: to protect yourself. If there is any type of monster charging at you, well, you have to kill it, TO LIVE! What if a player is trying to kill you a lot of time? You have to strike back to defend yourself and to live.

Minecraft: the non-violent and addictive game is obviously the better game. So, Minecraft rocks and Fortnite stinks.