April Artist of the Month: Andrew Gosnell

MaryKate Granatino, Staff Writer

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The Gold Key Scholastic award is big accomplishment in the world of art. Andrew Gosnell, part of the Sophomore class at Scituate High School, is one of the few students who was awarded with this prize. The Gold Key Award is where the best works are submitted to local programs and students are nationally recognized.

Gosnell got recognized for his recreation of a bagel. The bagel that Gosnell created was so realistic the judges of the Gold Key Scholastic award felt he deserved to win this award as did many of the teachers and students a part of the SHS community. He came up with the idea when he had to recreate something from observation, he chose to do a bagel because he happened to be eating one at the time for breakfast. Gosnell does not feel his creation was not based on inspiration from anyone in particular, “I don’t think anyone inspired me to create the bagel but I do feel that my surroundings somewhat inspired me.”

Gosnell had taken Art 1 last year in need of fulfilling the necessary art requirements. He then  decided to the class again this year because he enjoyed the class the previous year. According to Gosnell, “I was very surprised to hear that I had won, because I never thought I would win.” Hearing that he had won a very prestigious award for his artwork took him by surprise.

You will most likely be able to find Gosnell’s bagel and maybe some of his other works of art  at Spring for the Arts. Spring for the Arts is where the public can come to the high school and walk around the large and small gym and through the halls and find artwork done by Scituate High School students ranging from elementary level artwork to high school level artwork.

Gosnell is not sure whether he is going to take another art class next year, but says he has enjoyed the art classes he is taken so far.


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April Artist of the Month: Andrew Gosnell