We’re in Week Three of Quarantine. What Next?

Colleen Secaur, Managing Editor

April 6, 2020

I woke up this morning, Tuesday, March 31st, at 8:30 a.m., because that’s when my parents force my siblings and me to start our day. I ate a bowl of cereal and an apple, then took a walk for an hour at Wompatuck State Park. A...

Emotional Mentality of “Coronacation”

Lily Grazioso, Staff Writer

April 6, 2020

Should I feel selfish for feeling bad about myself during my “coronacation”?  I live in a financially stable house, no one I know has coronavirus, and I have supportive friends and family whom I can talk to over text ...

On Friday, March 20, Cleo Belber, Nadia Belber, and Maeve Lawler (left to right) joined the #ClimateStrikeOnline


March 21, 2020

Going Red for the Cause

Caroline Stevenson, Staff Writer

February 6, 2019

Walking past Nurse Ellen Claflin’s office on Friday, February 1st, you may have noticed her room was decorated with many red items, or you might have wondered why she was collecting donations for a cause. What was this all ...

The SHS Plague Returns

Caroline Stevenson, Colleen Secaur, and Ellen O’Donnell

January 15, 2019

It’s that time of the year again--and we aren’t talking about midyear exams. We are talking about cold and flu season, or as Scituate High School students have come to call it, the “SHS Plague.” Infecting students all over the...

The Power of People

The Power of People

June 8, 2017