The library is Now Closed in the Afternoons

Hannah Morel and Juliet Ball

January 3, 2019

The Scituate High School library will now be closed to students in the afternoons. The doors are locked from 11:30 to last bell; however, it is open after school and in the mornings. The librarian, Susan Lydon, explains that st...

Dress Down for Change

Juliet Ball and Hannah Morel

January 3, 2019

In Mr. Maki’s DECA class, students are challenged to start a business that benefits the community. Sophomores Ella Bast and Lauren Chaisson decided to incorporate a charity into their project that is special to them. Bast s...

Scituate MUN Takes a Bite Out of the Big Apple

Caroline Stevenson and Colleen Secaur

January 3, 2019

With the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving break, many Scituate High School students have many things to anticipate: Thanksgiving, gathering with family, eating some delicious food, the football games, or solely the break itse...

An Inside Scoop on the Scituate High School Spanish Exchange Program

Daniel Todd, Staff Writer

December 21, 2018

In early September 2018, Scituate High School welcomed new students from their “sister school” in Getxo, Spain. Getxo is a town in the Basque Country in Spain. It is a town on the coast of the Basque Country in northern Spai...

SHS Food Policy

Daniel Todd

December 21, 2018

Over the past years of SHS, eating in class was a staple of student life and helped a lot of people get through the day. Many students in the previous years ate during the school day as a healthy compensation for their lack of ...

Credo Season

Erin Logan and Brigid Bonner

December 21, 2018

Credo Season is coming quickly for Scituate High Schools Juniors. This time of year is a period for Juniors to develop new skills, tackle new challenges, and find their inner self through whatever they decide to do. As a part of...

National Honors Society Helps Gates Students

Colleen Quinn and Kylene True

December 14, 2018

Starting in 2017, Gates Middle School has been located on the same campus as the pre-existing high school. Middle School is a turning point for many children where they start switching classes, choosing electives, and making ...

To Stoop Or Not To Stoop

To Stoop Or Not To Stoop

December 12, 2018