Lip Dub Designed to Promote School Unity

Emily Blanchard, Editor in Chief

November 21, 2017

As Thanksgiving Day approaches, students at SHS are not only looking forward to the food-oriented family holiday; they are also excited about creating Scituate High School’s own lip dub--a popular trend that high schools all aro...

Beware of “It”

Jessica Presutti, Staff Writer

October 2, 2017

Everyone has fears. Whether they are childhood fears or lifelong fears,  these fears are the focus of the movie, ¨It.¨  The movie “It,”directed by Andy Muschietti, is a horror film based on the 1986 novel It,  by Step...

Scituate’s Acquisition of a New Concert Piano

Cameron Blanks and Christina Pelletier

July 14, 2017

There are moments in time when all the stars align: the timing is right, the motives are clear, and the benefits are overwhelming for an important decision. Although the right choice may seem clear-cut, it still takes hard work...

(Annie)body want to go see “Annie”?

Henry McKain and Caroline Quinn

May 16, 2017

What a show! Annie, the hit Broadway musical and classic 1982 movie, was brought to life in Boston’s Wang Theatre on Wednesday, May 10th. As high school student journalists, we had the unique opportunity to join the audien...

Daniel McDonough is Hitting all the Right Notes

Anna O'Connell, Contributing Writer

May 8, 2017

SHS freshman Daniel McDonough has only played the piano for three years, yet he has already started to learn pieces that would take the average person a decade of music lessons. McDonough fondly remembers his first piano lesso...

Behind the Scenes of the Ben and Andy Show

Khadijah White, Sports Editor

March 28, 2017

We have Batman and Robin, Michael and Dwight, and even Tom and Donna, dynamic duos that will be known forever in American pop culture. Scituate has its very own dynamic duo: Ben and Andy. In case you haven’t tuned in, Ben and...

Logging off Facebook

Julia Cuneo and Emily Grant

March 28, 2017

For many SHS students, Instagram is the first place to go when sharing photos of their latest outings and adventures. Over the past few years, Instagram took social media by storm, and it wasn’t long before Facebook became a...

“Purple Haze” Combines Entertainment and Valuable Message

Dani Tyrcha, Contributing Review Writer

March 12, 2017

Every student at SHS should see “Purple Haze.” The Drama Club's latest production combines entertainment and a message about the importance of expressing yourself and living without any constraints.  This fantastic play is the fi...

Purple Haze Advances to METG Semi-Finals

George Malouf, Kristen MacDermott, Nora Hofmann, Cecily Fasanella, Julia Cuneo, and Emma Golden contributed to this article, Staff Writers

March 8, 2017

For the 40-member cast and crew of “Purple Haze,” Saturday, March 4th, started at 6:00 a.m. with a 45-minute bus ride to Norwood, MA. Despite the frigid temperatures, the students were very excited to participate in the p...

The Show Must Go On…

Caroline Quinn and Emily Blanchard

December 7, 2016

Starting last January, the new auditorium construction has been a pinnacle of conversations among students, staff, and community members. Information is buzzing around SHS as students have watched the auditorium slowly progress ...