News Editor: Matt DiPesa
To his friends, he’s a great athlete and an even greater bro, but to us, he’s Matthew DiPesa, the News Editor for The Scituation.  Putting his prestigious title aside, he prefers to be called Matt and will almost always try to fit the word “swell” into any conversation.  Despite his favorite number being 12, he’s number 2 on Scituate High School’s varsity soccer team, but more importantly...number 1 in our hearts.  In the fall Matt plays center back on the soccer field and serves up a storm on the tennis court in the spring.  Not only is he a pivotal member in our community but in others across the US, as well.  This summer alone he traveled to Bud, West Virginia, for the Appalachian Service Project and helped the people in their community build houses.  In spite of his captivating personality, Matt can be quite controversial to some when it comes to food.  For example, he prefers the condescending and pretentious blueberry waffle over the simple and home style flap jack that most have come to love and admire.  Furthermore, in our interview, Matt stated his favorite food is Annie’s Mac n Cheese, “I love it to death.”  This passionate and somewhat naive junior at SHS also thinks there is only one way to eat an oreo….”normally.”  Matt aspires to major in journalism and write news and Op. Ed. articles in his near future.  In his off time, his many admirers can find him walking his dog Summer along Minot beach or getting his haircut at Pat’s in Cohasset with “the very special barber, Tony”.  When asked about his favorite quote, he chose one that’s near to his heart from one of his heroes:“I’m not superstitious, but I am a little stitious”-The Office’s Michael Scott.  There's no questioning that Matthew DiPesa is a good egg if he likes The Office.  

Matt DiPesa, News Editor

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