iWantOne: The Advantages of Owning a Smartphone

Zoe Ryan, Co-Features Editor

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Smartphones have become so abundant not only globally, but at Scituate High School as well. More and more students are in the hallways with their flashy iPhone cases or talking between classes about the new app that they downloaded. The students who own these new evolutionary gadgets simply could not function without them.

Sophomore, Jackie Coscia’s favorite part of her iPhone is the easy access to Facebook or the internet whenever she needs it, and adds that it is most beneficial when she can easily complete internet homework assignments right on her phone. Even teachers find that their phones are useful for checking their emails quickly; games and Twitter are not the only perks of owning a smartphone.

While it may seem as though all students at Scituate High School are carrying smartphones in their purses and pockets, that is not the case. The numbers may not be large, but there are a handful of students that still do not own an iPhone or a Blackberry. Junior Matt Murray admits that he does not own a smartphone, and is not planning on getting one anytime soon. He adds, “Most of my  friends do own an iPhone,” and he does feel left out sometimes.

This is the reality for the few students and even teachers that do not own a smartphone. They feel as though they are at an extreme disadvantage because they do not have  the internet or the apps that seem to make life so easy for smartphone owners. The costs of the newest smartphone or even the monthly plan expense is a main reason as to why some students still do not own an iPhone. $200.00 for an upgrade for your cell phone is a turn-off for many, and the $30.00 a month for a data plan can be hard to pay especially for students who have to pay for expenses themselves. The school year is not an easy time to make money for students, and some feel that their money earned can be spent better elsewhere.

The fact is that there are so many practical applications on smartphones that really do help people in tough situations. Biology teacher Ms. Loughnane bought her iPhone right before the Appalachian Service Project this past summer, “Students told me that it would change my life.” She admitted that it is very user friendly and she has found herself in situations where she is thankful that she has her smartphone handy. Getting lost or finding directions is no longer an issue for her; “You just have your iPhone!”

This is the mentality that smartphone users have. Problems that once seemed so trivial are nonexistent, such as getting lost, or finding a gas station with the lowest price, or even figuring out the weather. Having these answers right at your fingertips is appealing for anyone.

The question remains; Are there enough pros for the iPhone to take over the world?

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iWantOne: The Advantages of Owning a Smartphone